40 Thai Dishes And Where To Eat Them In Bangkok

Where there are people, there will always be food! Some our staff are Darlinghurst locals and usually head off that way on Friday night every couple of months when they still haven't had enough of Italian food. Makes a great addition to any multi-ordered table of dishes and is available at pretty much any Thai restaurant in the city.

The delicious food being served includes good ol' Spaghetti, Stir-fried Basil Chicken Rice - and desserts and drinks too. Sukhumvit's favorite Chinese-style diner has been a favorite khao tom destination for odd-hour eating for years, thanks to its marvelous Thai-Chinese comfort dishes that go perfectly with plain rice congee.

With favorites like rad na crepes, massaman chicken, seafood crepe lasagna and spaghetti with tomato sauce, there's some real comfort food served here too. Both of these places have great late night food, but the true treat here is the fresh seafood BBQ that can be had near the docks and around the fish markets.

Although the coconut milk flavour (kati) is its most famous, Nuttaporn also offers mango (mamuang), chocolate, coffee, and Thai iced tea (cha yen), alongside toppings such as roasted peanut, corn kernels, lotus seeds, red beans, shredded coconut, sweetened plum seeds, and coconut sticky rice.

Located in a great area in central Bangkok and near a lot of other bars and shops - it's also near the Bangkok Art and Culture Center, as well as MBK Center and Central World. The Peking duck in a steamed bun are particularly tasty, but the menu doesn't only offer the classics — as well as dumplings and stir-fried noodles, you also get the more exotic duck tongue, chicken feet and durian desserts.

It's a dark Taiwanese bar, with stiff drinks and tasty street food. It has a bit of a bric-a-brac interior with cute ornaments dotted around, a quaint garden out the back, a full menu of western and Thai dishes, and a fully stocked bar featuring craft beers and great coffee.

No matter where you are in Bangkok, it won't be hard to find some food at night. With a menu of only 6 - 7 dishes, Go Benz is a specialty store known for their pork dishes. The market itself is a throwback in time, along with Ratchawat and Sriyan, it's one of the few remaining traditional neighborhood markets in Bangkok.

Sukhumvit Soi 38 is frequented by tourists and expats, and I wouldn't say it has the best street food in Bangkok, but it is very convenient, the vendors are friendly, and you'll Late Night Eatery in Bangkok find a decent selection of Thai dishes to choose from. You'll find at least 20 different types of Chicken Wings and counting - from honey and hot sauce wings (Killer Bee Wings) to chocolate wings.

Considering all the street food on Yaowarat Road, Iam Pochana might be a little far-flung, but it's still a great ping-yang (BBQ) place to go after midnight. This unassuming Thai restaurant in Capitol Square goes off on weekends, with Thai bands rocking it loud and late into the night and large groups of friends sharing the signature bottles of whiskey and mixes at nearly every table.

The best and arguably most popular one prepares spaghetti and strips of breaded chicken with lemon sauce and tomato and meat sauce for 80 baht ($2.70) that will make you want to come back every day. After dark, the food, drink and live entertainment really come to life making for a good, down home time in Bangkok.

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